10 Creative Writing İdeas

10 Creative Writing İdeas

Would you like to write but you don’t know what? Do you want to write something completely different than usual? Or just stimulate your imagination? Then I have the right thing for you here. 10 tips for creative writing ideas. Have fun trying.

10 creative writing ideas

1. Once upon a time …
Think back to the fairy tales from your childhood.
You don’t have to worry about the first sentence. Just start with: Once upon a time …

2. What have you experienced?
Surely you have an object that means a lot to you. Maybe a porcelain figure or a statue, an image that touches you, or game figures. Things that are emotionally close to us can also lead us to create stories. Ask yourself questions like What did it experience? What could it experience? How does it experience everyday madness? Tell the story from the perspective of your favorite piece.

3. Back recall
What would you like to have read as a child?
When I was a child, we didn’t have a lot of stories to choose from in our school library. There were books on soccer for the boys and the girls looked for a book with horses. How was it in your childhood If you wanted to write a story to your then, what would the plot be? What adventures would have inspired you?

4. What are they doing there?
Have you ever been on the road and met people who seemed interesting to you? Look around when you’re on the go. Pay close attention to the people you meet. Make up a story about them. Where is he from? What is she doing here? How do they know each other?

5. Dive into other realities
Imagine a completely different reality. Question our society, habits, and politics. How would it work with other norms and rules? What if the physical laws in your story were different?

6. Get inspired
Browse quotes. Find sayings that say something to you. Importantly, they should not appear superficial to you. Instead, touch you, make you think, or make you smile. Make up a story for one of these quotes. What if someone experiences, does, believes? Would your story be exciting, funny, or food for thought?

7. You can do better!
You have probably encountered a film, a book, or a story that you simply did not like. You could not put yourself in the person or the action was illogical. Something like that can be annoying. But this is also your chance. Rewrite history. Take the main points of the story and write them better. Everyone can just complain. Doing better is something for professionals.

8. Let chance decide
To do this, you reach into your bookcase with your eyes closed, open a page by accident, and point to a sentence with your finger. This sentence is the center of your story. Write them around this sentence. With this method, you may have to think a little longer about what kind of story goes with it. It also works with newspapers and magazines.

9. Crazy newspaper article
You need a newspaper for this writing idea. Look at the headings. But instead of reading the article, imagine a situation that this heading might suit. It is important not to read the article beforehand. So you stay free to design your own story.

10. Meow, woof!
Have you ever wondered what your cat thinks? How does your dog see the world? Try to put yourself in an animal. From his point of view, write a story.

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