11 places of nature that seem specially designed to be shaped like a heart

Heart Lake (Canada)

Nature gives us magnificent landscapes and places for all tastes. Although it seems incredible, he has also been in charge of representing love in his work. Lakes, islands, and forests in the shape of a heart that falls in love with the naked eye.

1. Lake of Scanno (Italy)

Lake of Scanno (Italy)

source: Pinterest

Located in L’Aquila, in the Abruzzo region, the natural lake is the largest in the region. If you want to take a photo, the best place is the Frattura Nuova viewpoint, from where you can see the heart shape.

2. The heart of Cantabria (Spain)

The heart of Cantabria (Spain)source: Rural Tourism of Cantabria / Youtube

In the municipality of Guriezo, in Cantabria, if you go to the natural viewpoint next to the  Virgen de las Nieves, you will be able to contemplate this heart-shaped pine forest.

3. Heart Coral (Australia)

Heart Coral (Australia)

source: Pinterest

It is located on the Whitsunday Islands and belongs to the Great Barrier Reef. It is protected, which is why you cannot dive in it, but you can appreciate its characteristic shape from the air, either by helicopter or seaplane.

4. Galešnjak Island (Croatia)



Also known as “Isla del Amor” or “Isla de Los enamorados”. You can imagine that her nicknames are received by her spectacular heart shape. It is located on the Pasman channel. Although the island is private, small weddings are held and tours are made from Tkon. You already have a new destination to schedule with your partner!

5. Lake Ouler (Ireland)

Lake Ouler (Ireland)

source: All Around Ireland / Youtube

Located in Wicklow, it is a beautiful excursion for those who enjoy nature. If you are in the area, do not hesitate to visit Lake Tay (only 30 minutes away by car), a beautiful black lake, which you can find more information about in this article by Genial.

6. St Paul’s Bay (Greece)

St Paul's Bay (Greece)

source: gerasimov / Depositphotos

It is located in Lindos, Rhodes, a heavenly place with beautiful beaches, Byzantine churches, and traditional Greek houses. The Agios Pavlos beach, seen from certain angles, is shaped like a heart thanks to its stone structure.

7. Calvaresc Lake (Switzerland)

Calvaresc Lake (Switzerland)source: My Switzerland / Facebook

In Rossa, in the Canton of Grisons, is this beautiful lake. Getting there requires an arduous walk, but the result is undoubtedly worth it. Between the mountains lies this beautiful lake at 2,215 meters above sea level

8. Trnovačko Lake (Montenegro)

Trnovačko Lake (Montenegro)source:

It is located in northern Montenegro, at an altitude of 1517 meters, surrounded by mountain peaks. It is highly visited in summer and has deep blue-green water.

9. Isla Corazón (Argentina)

Isla Corazón (Argentina)source:

In Bariloche, within the Argentine Patagonia, is this island, which is well named. It is surrounded by Lake Mascardi, within what is the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

10. Heart Lake (Canada)

Heart Lake (Canada)source: jayeffex / Reddit

Located in Ompah, Ontario, it became a very visited place by tourists and photographers. The authorities are concerned about the flow of people walking through the area without proper clothing, as it is a very crowded place for hunters.

11. Makepeace Island (Australia)

Makepeace Island
source: Pinterest

It is a private island that one can rent. The price is starting at 5500 Australian dollars (3500 USD) per night. Within the island, you can find many facilities: gym, audiovisual room, swimming pool, barbecue, tennis court, yoga room, and trails to explore the island.

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