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5 Activities Your Carer Can Do With Your Child

Parents are looking for fun and interesting things that can be done with children during the summer holidays and weekends. If you want to have a fun and educational summer with your child, here are 5 activities your carer can do with your child:

First, find a fun carer with creative ideas.

1. Try new things.

Ask your caregiver to help your child get a new hobby.

2. Learn a new culture.

Choose and explore a place or culture that may be of interest to your child. For example; You can collect information about a place you plan to go with your family in the future or ask your child’s foreign friend to introduce his own culture. Make sure that your child is suitable for his age and abilities:

For preschool education children:
Choose a book that you can read together.
You can draw a picture about the culture you see or research in the book.
Try tasting dishes from local restaurants or markets.
For school-age children:
Do short research on the internet.
Go to the bookstore or libraries.
Make a collage or a poster with the information and pictures you collect.
Try to cook at home by finding local food recipes.

3. Set the meeting day.

Every moment with friends is enjoyable. You can invite your child’s friend and carer to your home during playtimes, or you can go to the museum, science center and organize movie days together.

Set the meeting day.

4. Be practical!

Develop fun games suitable for your child’s age:

For preschool education children :

Go to the camp!
You can buy a tent suitable for installation in the house or you can make your tent. You can find pictures of animals living in the forest, prepare a campfire with colored cardboards, and ask your caregiver to prepare small sandwiches for the camp. You can prepare fun recipes that your children enjoy eating.

For school-age children:

Prepare friendship bracelets that you can give to your friends.
You can make origami of various animals. In this way, your child will both develop his hand muscles and have done a different activity.
You can make playhouses with leaves, stones, and flowers in your neighbor or your garden, or you can prepare small clues to hide and find various items. Believe me, you will not understand how time passes!

5. Research public events.

You can attend festivals or book fairs where your child can make new friends or see what theater or live shows children will love.

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