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6 DIY Products To Protect You From Coronavirus

We leave you 10 products that you can do at home to protect yourself against the coronavirus, from masks to homemade antibacterial gel. Take note.

Although many products are already out of stock in supermarkets, there are several ways to fix it from home. These DIY products will not only help you disinfect what you have at home, but they will also protect you against the spread of COVID-19 if you follow the appropriate prevention measures.

1. Mouthguards
Do not forget that the mouth covers are for sick people, but if you will take care of an adult or require one to use near people with whom you have not had contact and you do not know if they can put your health at risk, this fabric cover is very easy to do, check the step by step.

2. Seamless fabric face masks
If you only need one to go to the supermarket fast, you can make your mouthpiece seamless with the help of fabric, coffee filters, clips, and two garters.

3. Antibacterial gel
Antibacterial gel is one of the most popular products today, but if you can’t find it anywhere, you can make your own at home. Be careful, it is a bit difficult to get all the ingredients, but don’t forget that the most effective way to stay safe is soap and water.

4. Plastic mask
These masks can be very efficient in preventing asymptomatic people who have contracted COVID-19 from spreading the disease in public places or on transportation. These plastic masks help people in contact with coronavirus patients avoid infection. Don’t forget that you can also help create several masks at home and donate them to the health sector of our country.

5. Disinfecting wipes
The best alternatives for disinfecting wipes use chlorine as a base. Bleach is the best thing against germs, although it needs to be highly diluted so that the vapors do not harm the lungs and the chemical itself damages the surfaces. A ratio of five tablespoons of pure chlorine to one gallon of water is considered sufficient. A paper towel dipped in the solution can take the place of the disinfectant wipe.

6. Disinfectant spray
Like wipes, you just need to create a dilute solution of chlorine and water, pour into a spray bottle, and spray on the surface of the products you want to wash. Do not forget that chlorine stains, it is important that you do not spray on cloth surfaces or that they can penetrate your food, in this case, use soap and water.

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