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Amazing Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and you want it to feel like that when you walk in. When you know what you’re trying to accomplish, choosing a modern kitchen that fits your lifestyle, your needs and your aesthetic preferences can be quite simple.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Design

Consider the space. Think about how and where you use the items and place them in suitable and convenient places. For example, keep food stored near a work surface for the convenience of storing leftovers. Also, leave enough space for your walkways.

Add variety to your cabinet installation. Rather than having a bunch of cabinet blocks everywhere, consider adding glass cabinets or a wine rack with them.

Use light colors for small spaces. Dark colors make a space smaller; brighter and lighter colors open a small room.

Incorporate lots of storage. Most people like to have a large storage space in the kitchen, so make sure you don’t leave it out of your floor plan.

Find a budget before you start and stick to it.

Consult the experts. The remodeling of Miami cuisine, for example, is made easier with Pedini Miami, the experts in luxury Italian cabinetry and custom kitchen designs. Determine where you are and consult a kitchen designer.

Do not:
Don’t try to tighten it too much. This is due to the planning of a large work area and a space in which you can move freely.

Don’t choose the wrong materials for your lifestyle. Floors and countertops are the most powerful, and you want to choose what works best for you. Try the quartz countertops, which are firmer when you have children. If you want something more luxurious and are ready to keep it in perfect condition, opt for this marble slab.

Don’t let trends put you under pressure. Your kitchen is your work area and your meeting point. Design them the way you want them. Trends come and go and people don’t often renovate their kitchens.

Don’t waste space. Space is one of the most valuable products in the kitchen. Use it well.

Don’t forget the lighting. Did you know that it is ideal to have different types of lighting to prepare meals, serve meals, and display what is in your kitchen?

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2020

Curved Lines (Dune)
Are you sure you want to add unique features to your kitchen? Specially shaped, curved worktops such as Pedini Miami’s Dune design give your kitchen taste, style, and functionality. The soft lines look great in a modern but minimalist kitchen.

marble kitchen

Cool and contemporary
Try sleek, contemporary shapes and styles, as Pedini Miami’s Arkè design shows, with Italian kitchen cabinets. You can also mix different materials, colors, and surfaces for your own space. Add a wall unit for the entertainment center to integrate technology or display beautiful kitchen utensils.

For a chic and upscale look and a sense of luxury, marble could be your best bet. Keep in mind that this is not the best choice if you have young children as marble can easily be stained or damaged. Try adding high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets for an extra touch of luxury.

All mat
Mat is straight and for good reason. Fingerprints are less likely to be visible than rusty, shiny, or painted surfaces, and it looks classy. Consider the materials you use in your kitchen design and decide if they are matte.

Sensitive storage
No matter what aesthetics you are looking for in your kitchen, storage should be one of them. From simple and minimalist cabinets and pantries to those that immediately catches your eye, don’t overlook the valuable storage space.

Elegant and rustproof
Stainless steel is slightly dented or scratched but gives every kitchen an elegant, industrial look. It is easy to clean and also fits in a minimalist room. Pedini Miami’s eco-friendly kitchen design can include stainless steel appliances and kitchen cabinet accessories. It is also a perfect example of integrated kitchen appliances.

Rustic farm
One of the current heights of modern kitchen design is the rustic style of the courtyard. Distressed wood and paint, bench tables, and simple accents create a rustic yet charming and comfortable atmosphere.

Bright and white
The white cabinets and countertops are second to none for a clean, clear, and bright look. Make sure it suits your lifestyle, as white can get dirty quickly.

Pop color
Whether you’re a fan of bright, vivid colors or like neutral colors, adding pops of color is always a good idea. However, don’t overdo it with a very bright color. Instead, add a few splashes of color to create an entertaining, tasteful, and fascinating space.

Warm and comfortable
The deep and rich wooden materials are the cornerstone of a warm and comfortable kitchen. Try closets or wooden floors for an earthy and soothing atmosphere.

Mix and match

Mix and match
As the Matrika design by Padini Miami shows, the combined materials and lacquered colors can be perfectly combined with stainless steel surfaces and glass kitchen cabinets. The kitchen designer in Miami recommends combining materials, surfaces, and accessories to personalize your space.

Another example of the integration of integrated kitchen appliances is the Artika design by Pedini Miami, which combines design and comfort to achieve a simple appearance. The best thing about a simple design is that it enhances the privacy of a family kitchen.

Natural and neutral
You can’t go wrong with the neutral color palette. Mix it with a fun backsplash or an interesting counter-motif to avoid monotony.

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