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Back to naturalness! How we wear our eyebrows now

Perfection is out in 2020 and not only in terms of outdated body beauty ideals but also in terms of eyebrows. This year we neither wear the pomade brow drawn with the ruler, nor the well-known 90-stroke eyebrows. The biggest trend this season is simply: naturalness – insofar as women are naturally blessed with full eyebrows. Otherwise, you have to help with the trend brows with brow-lift, gel, and Co.

Messy Brows

The following applies to the Messy Brows: the fuller the better! However, it is not about painting the eyebrows as fully as possible, the goal is a natural-looking, bushy brow, the hairs are combed straight up and fixed with (colored) gel or hairspray. Any gaps can be filled with an eyebrow pencil – but please only very discreetly! The best thing to do is to re-paint just a few hairs so that the whole thing doesn’t look too perfect, but looks messy and does not change to the Insta Brow look, which is no longer popular.

Messy Brows

If you don’t feel like laboriously styling your hair up every morning, you can simply have your eyebrow hair lifted in shape. This works much like an eyelash wave and ensures the perfect messy look that lasts for weeks.

Feather Brows

The trendy feather brows are characterized by exactly what was not allowed in previous years: visible gaps between the hairs. So that the eyebrows live up to their name and remind us of curved feathers, styling requires a lot of eyebrow angels. Powder, pomade, or eyebrow pencil, on the other hand, are superfluous, the brows are only brushed and fixed with a mascara brush. The hairs mustn’t be too short so that they can be brushed up well and thus ensure the desired feather effect.

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Boy Brows

Boy Brows are probably the most relaxed eyebrow trend ever, the motto is: just do nothing! Painful plucking or tedious cutting into shape is not necessary with this look, instead of using the tweezers, just let the hair grow. The look lives from the fact that it doesn’t look perfect, so the eyebrow arch should be left alone. The hairs may only be removed between the brows.

Boy Brows

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This trend only makes sense if the brow is already relatively full by nature. Those who are not blessed with bushy Cara Delevigne eyebrows can help with eyelash serums or fiber eyebrow gels or trace individual hairs in the gaps with a pointed eyebrow pencil.

Bleached Brows

Bleached Brows

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For those who love it more extravagant, there are bleached brows – bleached brows. The eyebrows are treated intensively until they are virtually invisible. This ensures that the focus is completely on the eyes and complex makeup looks come into their own even better. Natural blondes can be happy: Coloring light eyebrows is no longer a must to keep up with the times.

Thin eyebrows

Despite everything, in terms of the trend, all those who prefer narrower eyebrows are still involved – but in a softer, more natural form. Because even with the ‘new’, thin eyebrows hairs are shown and set on a natural shade.

It should only be plucked carefully so that the brow does not become too thin. An absolute must: When trimming, orientate on the natural shape of the brow! The easiest way to do this is to measure your ideal brow shape beforehand with a pen: place it on the nostril and mark the endpoint of the eyebrow, then along the pupil and nose to define the arc point and then along the outer corner of the eye for the outer endpoint the brow. You can then optionally trim and then style the brow with eyebrow pencil and gel.

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