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Easy To Make Recycled Material Crafts

There is nothing better than handicrafts made from recycled material if you want to make crafts and especially simple crafts that you can use to save even in these difficult times. We will show you some examples of how you can use old jobs to do new jobs. You save notes and a lot of money. Let’s see how you can make it from recycled material.


A good reason to start production at home is somehow saving money, as we cover everything from home-made and custom-made decorative items to very practical and useful products for them. It can make art at home. If we add that the ship is made of recycled materials, the savings will be much higher.

You usually have glass bottles or old newspapers, and although the most common is to come in a suitable container, another way to use them is to recycle them with crafts.

Have you thought that a vase can be made from a glass bottle? or that some magazine pages can be used to make flowers? This is about collecting and using all kinds of objects that we don’t think are useful at home.

Therefore, we offer some tips and examples of how you can use various materials, ice-cream sticks, or even magazines and newspaper articles. Are you ready ?. Let’s see how you can make all kinds of handicrafts with recycled materials and we’ll start with the simplest and most fun: crafts with recycled materials to decorate the house.


You enjoy playing with decorating your home, but don’t have money to decorate it? No problem. The boat with recycled materials to decorate the house is grateful, simple, and very cheap. You can change the face of your home every three years without spending a million.


It is a simple, functional, and very, very creative craft. But it is also that it will dress your corners in a special glamor and without spending money and helping the environment! How do we do it? Painting the bottle the color you want and adding the matching screen.

But it is not with the only material that you can create lamps. You can also make them with a few tin pots, and even with cans of beer or soft drinks.

To make this kind of lamp, you need little. Simply empty cans, a drill to make holes, paints, and lights of these that come in a chain.


Do you have a puzzle that is missing pieces or that you are tired of? Well, take advantage of it. Because they can give you to get very attractive designs and they have many applications. For example, you can create figures with them, like this crown, ideal for Christmas.

And what do you have to say about the pendant that we show you below? It is a wonder created with two puzzle pieces.


You will not see the bulbs as flower pots for the first time, but today we will be the ones making them. As you will see old bulbs, filaments, we will use it for this boat, which is already worn bulbs. Bulbs that are not already used, and now we can give it a second life and it’s beautiful.

The materials we will need:

– Bulb
– pliers
– Hot silicone – Optional

The first thing we will do is to remove the bulb socket, we will use pliers to do this. Using pliers, remove the black centerpiece above the bushing.

When we take it out, we will touch it with the same pliers to break the small piece of glass that holds the filaments. This piece is perhaps one of the most difficult because it is a delicate piece, and if we swim in the sea with blows, we will break the whole bulb.

After breaking this central piece of glass, we will try to eliminate the entire perimeter of the circle to eliminate all possible sudden spikes after the impact.

Since we break the part inward, it will remain with the filaments in the bulb, now it’s time to remove them. The best way is to turn the bulb upside down, then with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, we clean the glass of the bulb both inside and outside.

If we want the bulb to stop and not hang, the next step will be to take a hot silicone gun and place three small balls under the bulb, so we will prevent it from being rounded, falling. This way you will survive.

We can also refer to self-adhesive silicone tears, it is easy to find even in the China store.

The last step would be to put the flowers inside. You can put them naturally with a little water or cloth. There are many beautiful and real imitations today.

If you want to hang them, take a cotton cord and roll it around the lid. The last thing to do is hang it in a corner of the room.

As a tip, I would recommend making three bulbs with different plants, better, if you are using cables of different lengths.

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