Vega X Exploit


To use the Vega X Exploit lua executor, you may need to disable your anti-virus. It is one of the few free exploits that doesn’t contain keys or uses multi-api. And it is totally free! Although it has a poor user interface, this script executor is still a great lua script executor.

Below is an example of a custom UI. You can download any file (png.jpg. jpeg. gif). Drag and drop the file you have downloaded between the Options and Execute File buttons.

This will allow you to use the image that you have chosen as your background. The background can be made more appealing by removing the textbox using the UI Themes button at the top right.

This cheat is unique because it does not require keylogging. Roblox vegax exploit’s owner is advertising the link to download and update it in order to make money. You don’t need to deal with any ads before injecting your cheat. You won’t see any ads if you download the cheater’soul cheat!

How to Use

  1. Click on the “Download VEGA X Roblox Experiment” button
  2. For the cheat to be downloaded, wait 25 seconds
  3. Save the file you downloaded to your desktop
  4. Without any installation, run the Vega X.exe file.
  5. Insert the dll in the game using the attach button located in the lower right corner.
  6. Copy the roblox script you found on CheaterPlayer into the textbox. Then click the execute button to start using it.
vega x exploit - loader ui
Loader UI

source: VEGA X Exploit

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