Where to find jetpack locations in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

Fortnite Jetpacks

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 introduced a range of new ways to move around the map. From armored battle buses to new mechanics, you can speed up or slow down a match depending on your play style. However, the latest addition may be the most fun yet. Epic Games has finally added jetpacks back to Fortnite. You can only get your hands on a jetpack from a few locations, meaning you will need to know where to look to grab one before your opponents.

The Fortnite jetpack locations are found inside IO blimps. Once you’re inside one, search for a jetpack hanging on a wall. They are usually next to the doors inside of the blimp. As soon as you exit the battle bus, you can land on an IO blimp at Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, Coney Crossroads, Command Cavern, and Tilted Towers points of interest to add a jetpack to your inventory.

If you prefer, you can give up some of your gold bars to purchase one, but it will not be cheap. The Scientist who is found roaming around the Synapse Station will sell you a jetpack for 580 gold bars.

How to use a jetpack in Fortnite

As soon as you have picked up a jetpack, from one of the locations you can begin using it in your Fortnite match. All you have to do is press your jump button twice and then hold it to float. You can use your weapons while your jetpack is active to take your battles to new heights. Jetpacks have been updated since they last appeared on the island, and you can now hover and strafe while aiming down sight.

It is likely that jetpacks will be a popular item in Fortnite, so you may have to be prepared to fight over them. Luckily, you should find plenty of loot in IO blimps and their surrounding area.

Fortnite Jetpack Locations

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